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The EBMA is a professional society with membership open to all EB salaried personnel, dedicated to the management development of its members.   In addition to fostering the professional growth of its members, the EBMA provides networking opportunities through associated social activities, along with other benefits to its members and their families.

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Learn more about EBMA’s local STEM outreach leadership development program and earn money for the STEM youth programs that you support! Donations have been made on behalf of EBMA members for their mentorship with FIRST Robotics Teams (Fitch Aluminum Falcons, Pawcatuck Aluminum Eyas, New London STEM Whalers, Ledyard Cyber Colonels, Lyme/ Old Lyme Techno Ticks), Connecticut and International Science and Engineering Fairs, and Striving Toward Empowered & Personal Success (STEPS)).

For more information, contact an local EBMA Booster. Once open, click on image to enlarge booster list.

Sunshine Committee – For messages of sympathy or recuperation to EBMA members or their families, please contact:

     Sunshine Committee Lead – Anita Kaiser, J810, akaiser@gdeb.com, 3-5233

     Fruit Basket ordering for members who had overnight hospital stay – Chris Green, J88-9, cgreen@gdeb.com, 3-2512

     Personalized Cards for illness/ sympathy – Erin Pedone, J45A-2, epedone@gdeb.com, 3-5912

     Archie Andrews, B801-04, aandrews@gdeb.com , 7-5181

Children’s Parties – Erin Pedone , J45A-2, epedone@gdeb.com, 3-5912

Toys for Kids – Susan Granata, B810, sgranata@gdeb.com , 3-2324

Retirement – Eligible EBMA members upon their retirement receive lifetime membership, as noted in their retirement letter.

Yearly Offerings

Member Scholarship – Will be available in spring 2023

EBMA Member Scholarship Application link

The scholarship program is open to EBMA members who are enrolled in a degree program and who meet the policy requirements.  

To qualify, an applicant must have been an EBMA member for at least 12 months prior to the scholarship application deadline with at least one year of enrollment in an applicable accredited degree program and a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Two $1,000 scholarships are being offered for degree programs in Engineering and two $1,000 scholarships are being offered for degree programs in Business.  

The scholarships are:
The James Brown Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to members in a degree program for Engineering.
The Robert Januska Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to members in a degree program for Business.

A completed application and school transcript, may be dropped off in the EBMA office (hours TBD, as EB policy permits)
(Mailing Address: Electric Boat Management Association
c/o EBMA Member Scholarship Awards Program) 
or sent to the EBMA In-box.

2023 Member’s Dependent Scholarship – Applications being accepted.

The EBMA scholarship application (for a legal dependent of a member) is now available for eligible applicants.  The EBMA awards twelve scholarships in the following amounts:  First place – $4,000, Second place – $3,250, Third place – $2,500, Fourth place – $1,500, Fifth place – $1,250, with all other Scholarships – $1,000 each (The Third Place award of $2,500, and Fourth Place $1,500 award are sponsored by Salaried Retirement Employee Association – Electric Boat (SREA-EB))

The 2022 EBMA dependent scholarships have been awarded and more scholarships will be available in 2023. 

Completed application, transcript and any available SAT scores must be received by the office to complete the application process for the scholarship award.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the sponsor upon receipt of all required documents: application, transcript and SAT scores (as applicable).

Mailing Address:       Electric Boat Management Association

                                    C/o Elizabeth Ryan, EBMA Scholarship Awards Program

                                    P.O. Box 7326

                                    Groton, Connecticut 06340

The Scholarship Awards Committee will select the twelve scholarship winners based on written application and transcript data.  Applicants will be notified in April of the final decision of the Scholarship Awards Committee.  The twelve students selected as scholarship winners will be requested to meet with the Scholarship Awards Committee for a personal interview at a date, time and place to be announced.

Any questions may be addressed to Elizabeth Ryan, (860) 433-7398, eryan@gdeb.com

Eligible scholarship applicants are High School Seniors attending College in the Fall and legal dependents (dependent is defined in this case as child, stepchild or foster child) of an EBMA member who is the legal guardian and from whom the applicant receives financial support.  The sponsor is the EBMA member who is also related to the scholarship applicant.  Additionally, the EBMA sponsors must meet the eligibility rules of the Association’s policies and procedures No. 4 – 6, they must have been a member of the EBMA for at least 36 months preceding the application deadline.  Any transfer or new hire that becomes a member of the EBMA within 60 days of transfer or employment at Electric Boat will be exempted from the 36-month period, with a reduced 24 month membership period applicable instead.  

EBMA Member’s Dependent Scholarship information

Additional Activities and Benefits

Tutor Volunteer Community Outreach Program – Any parent interested in taking advantage of this program or if you are interested in volunteering, contact the EBMA office. If you run into viewing or downloading issues for the below links, please try a different internet browser.
–          The Tutor List

–          The Program Description

–          The Waiver any tutor needs to sign and agree to

–          The Tutor Session Report for program metrics after a tutoring session

The EBMA, it’s your professional management association.


1-1 Preparation and Approval of EBMA
Policy & Procedure Documents

1-2 Election of Board of Directors’ Chairperson
1-4 Changes to Constitution and By-Laws
1-5 Request for Company Financial Support
1-6 Audits of EBMA Financial Records and
Submittal of Income Tax Forms

1-7 Election and Installation Procedure
1-8 Replacement of a Director

1-9 Conducting Business via E-mail

2-1 Long and Short Range Planning Committee

3-1 Travel and Entertainment Expense
3-2 Operational Guidelines for EBMA Treasurer and
Assistant Treasurer

3-3 Financial Contributions to Community Organizations
3-4 Annual Budget Preparation and Revision
3-5 Administrative Transition

4-1 Retirement Awards
4-2 Program Conflicts
4-3 Non-Membership Participation
4-4 Political Speakers and Candidates
4-6 Scholarship Program
4-7 Programs
4-8 Sunshine Committee
4-9 Tickets for Dinner Program
4-10 Member Scholarship Program
4-11 Authority to Sign Contracts On Behalf of EBMA


PS-1 Dispensing of Alcohol
PS-2 Board of Directors’ Attendance at Board Meetings
PS-3 Sending of Sympathy Cards
PS-4 Electric Boat Employees Community Services
Association (EBECSA)

PS-5 Smoking at Electric Boat Management Association Dinner Meetings
PS-6 Outstanding Service Award
PS-7 Code of Ethics
PS-8 EBMA Shop Order Usage

Declaration of Emergency Powers

Our Sunshine Committee continually strives to honor all present and past EBMA members.