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The EBMA is a professional society with membership open to all EB salaried personnel, dedicated to the management development of its members.   In addition to fostering the professional growth of its members, the EBMA provides networking opportunities through associated social activities, along with other benefits to its members and their families.

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For more information, contact a local booster. Once open, click on image to enlarge booster list.

Sunshine Committee – For messages of sympathy or recuperation to EBMA members or their families, please contact Patty Furlong, A97-2 and Anita Kaiser, J810 – via e-mail (preferred method) or telephone.

Retirement – Eligible EBMA members upon their retirement receive lifetime membership, as noted in their retirement letter.

Tutor Volunteer Community Outreach Program – Any parent interested in taking advantage of this program or if you are interested in volunteering, contact the EBMA office

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Member’s Dependent Scholarship




The EBMA scholarship application (for a legal dependent of a member) is now available for eligible applicants.  The EBMA awards twelve scholarships in the following amounts:  First place – $4,000, Second place – $3,250, Third place – $2,500, Fourth place – $1,500,  Fifth place – $1,250, with all other Scholarships – $1,000 each (Fourth Place, $1500, and one $1000 award are sponsored by Salaried Retirement Employee Association – Electric Boat (SREA-EB))

The completed application must be delivered to the EBMA Office no later than 12:30 PM on April 8, 2021.  The application should be submitted separately from your transcript and any available SAT scores.  If you have SAT/ACT/PSAT scores, please have them sent sealed by the school or an email directly from the school guidance counselor to [email protected]. Applications with and without SAT/ACT/PSAT scores will still be considered as long as they meet the member eligibility criteria, and are received by the EBMA Office no later than 12:30 PM on April 8, 2021.  Completed application, transcript and available SAT scores must be received to complete the application process for the scholarship award.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the sponsor upon receipt of all required documents: application, transcript and SAT scores (as applicable).

Attached is a copy of the application:   2021 EBMA Scholarship Application.docx    2021 EBMA Scholarship Application.pdf  

(also available on the EBMA website, www.ebma.us)

Mailing Address:         Electric Boat Management Association

                                    C/o Elizabeth Ryan,  EBMA Scholarship Awards Program

                                    P.O. Box 7326

                                    Groton, Connecticut 06340

The Scholarship Awards Committee will select the twelve scholarship winners based on written application and transcript data.  Applicants will be notified in April of the final decision of the Scholarship Awards Committee.  The twelve students selected as scholarship winners will be requested to meet with the Scholarship Awards Committee for a personal interview at a date, time and place to be announced.

Any questions may be addressed to Elizabeth Ryan, (860) 433-7398, [email protected]

Eligible scholarship applicants are High School Seniors attending College in the Fall and legal dependents (dependent is defined in this case as child, stepchild or foster child) of an EBMA member who is the legal guardian and from whom the applicant receives financial support.  The sponsor is the EBMA member who is also related to the scholarship applicant.  Additionally, the EBMA sponsors must meet the eligibility rules of the Association’s policies and procedures No. 4 – 6, they must have been a member of the EBMA for at least 36 months preceding the application deadline.  Any transfer or new hire that becomes a member of the EBMA within 60 days of transfer or employment at Electric Boat will be exempted from the 36-month period, with a reduced 24 month membership period applicable instead. 

EBMA Member’s Dependent Scholarship information

Member Scholarship

2021 Member Scholarship Registration is forthcoming.

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