Electric Boat Management Association

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The EBMA is a professional society with membership open to all EB salaried personnel, dedicated to the management development of its members.   In addition to fostering the professional growth of its members, the EBMA provides networking opportunities through associated social activities, along with other benefits to its members and their families.

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For more information, contact a local booster.

Sunshine Committee – For messages of sympathy or recuperation to EBMA members or their families, please contact Patty Furlong, A97-2 and Anita Kaiser, J810 – via e-mail (preferred method) or telephone.

Retirement – Eligible EBMA members upon their retirement receive lifetime membership, as noted in their retirement letter.

Tutor Volunteer Community Outreach Program – Any parent interested in taking advantage of this program or if you are interested in volunteering, contact the EBMA office

Yearly Offerings

Certified Manager (CM) Program

Enrollment closed for 2017

Member’s Dependent Scholarship

Registration is open! All applications and information must be received by the EBMA office by close of business on 2/7/19.

Member Scholarship

The Spring 2018 registration period has closed.

Additional Activities and Benefits

The EBMA, it’s your professional management association.