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Tutor Volunteer Community Outreach Program

The EBMA is a non-profit organization within Electric Boat primarily focused on management development. One of our secondary goals is to foster community activities that promote the general welfare. In this area, the EBMA attempts to organize and execute programs which promote a better understanding and improve the relationships between our association and the communities in our area.

In an effort to become more involved with the community, EBMA membership has solicited volunteers for tutoring middle or high school students in the local area.

Over 100 EBMA members, including many engineers and management personnel, have committed to volunteering their time to help students living in their towns and surrounding areas. Students could benefit from working with an EBMA mentor/tutor, both academically and by having a career role model.

The EBMA has been working with school administrators to develop the guidelines for this tutoring program:

Any parent interested in taking advantage of this program should contact the school guidance counselor to obtain the list of EBMA tutor volunteers and the subjects and towns they are willing to support.

While Electric Boat Corporation and the EBMA are supportive of EBMA members participating in a Tutor Volunteer Community Outreach Program, Electric Boat Corporation and the EBMA assume no risk or liability for the individuals volunteering. The individuals volunteering assume all risk and liability.

Tutor Session Summary Report

Tutoring Program Waiver and Consent Form

A contact list of volunteers and copies of the above linked forms are available from within Electric Boat on the Lotus Notes Shared Files under EBMA.