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The Electric Boat Management Association (EBMA) is a professional organization dedicated to the management and leadership development of its members. Founded by 46 Electric Boat employees in October 1967, the EBMA has a prominent legacy of growth and service. The EBMA’s goals and objectives are endorsed by Electric Boat management.

The EBMA provides its members with an opportunity to network outside of work, across organizations and across generations. The EBMA is its own entity with its own membership, board and officers, and it’s not restricted to only people in management.
Aaron Ide, EBMA Member and Winner of EBMA’s 2023 Elevator Speech Contest.

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Open EBMA Officer Position – EBMA Secretary
The EBMA is looking to fill the EBMA Secretary position. EBMA members who are interested in this position should email EBMA President Mark Wiggins. Please refer to Page 7 of the EBMA Constitution and Bylaws for the description and responsibilities of the EBMA Secretary.

Children’s Party Committee
Erin Pedone, coordinator of EBMA’s children’s parties, is looking to form a Children’s Party Committee to assist with planning and running EBMA’s Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties for members and their families. EBMA members who are interested in joining this committee should reach out to Erin Pedone.